Angels Everywhere!

Angels Everywhere!

Angels everywhere. Een prachtige tekening van Bryan de Flores. Hieronder in t Engels de betekenis. In deze tijden van de donkere dagen nog even extra aandacht voor deze prachtige wezens, die ook tijdens Akasha sessies vaak meehelpen.

It can begin with the sound of fluttering wings or a series of soft tones in your ear or the feeling of incoming grace and exaltedness all around you. When they are near, a sense of peace and tranquility overcome you and your body immediately relaxes and opens to an unseen power. Many times you will feel as if you are being lifted and drawn upward, away from all earthly cares and worries, into another level of existence where everything is lighter, more beautiful and fulfilling.

These are the feelings which accompany a divine visitation. This is the frequency of the Angels, and unbeknownst to many individuals, they are everywhere, all around us, watching over us, protecting us, prompting us to make the highest choices and assisting us in making all of our dreams come true.

They are the ones who bless us and nurture us in times of great challenge. They are the ones who inspire us and keep us motivated, perpetually assisting in the evolution of mankind, never faltering and always working tirelessly in divine service to God and to humanity

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